Amber Rose’s Home Gets BURGLARIZED While She Slept

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Amber Rose is the latest celebrity to be a victim of home invasion, but the perpetrator didn’t do what you’d expect.
The latest in the recent slew of celebrity burglaries is definitely one of the weirdest.
BODY Somebody broke into Amber Rose’s house around 6 AM this morning and hung out there for FOUR hours before fleeing. Get this, not only was the model/rapper/actress in the house, but so were her bodyguards, her mom, her assistant and her son!

Apparently, the male intruder got in by breaking a kitchen window and crawling through the pantry. It seems like nothing was taken, and the only reason Amber even figured out someone had broken in was the shattered glass on the floor! Once she saw that, she immediately checked her surveillance footage, and saw a man sneaking onto her property at 6AM, chilling for 4 hours, and then fleeing at 10AM. According to TMZ, that’s when her assistant got up to make food in the morning WHILE the perp was in the house, probably making noise which caused him to run. Once she saw the footage, she called the cops, who are currently investigating the matter.
Thankfully, as of now it’s being reported that nothing was stolen and neither Amber nor her loved ones were caused any physical harm. Amber Rose isn’t the only celebrity who suffered a robbery recently – just yesterday her friend ASAP Rocky was robbed of near 1 million dollars in jewelry and other property, not to mention Kendal Jenner’s break in and theft of 200000 dollars in assets back in March.
WHAT is going on? Bling Ring part 2? Let me know your theories in the comments, and after that make sure to check out episode 2 of It Got Real: Erin’s Surgery . I’m your host Zoë Lillian, thanks for hanging out with me on Clevver Newsfeed! Make sure to subscribe, and I’ll see you next time!

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